NLSFNetworked Learning Support Framework (UK)
NLSFNonlinear Least Squares Fitting (mathematics)
NLSFNational Longitudinal Study of Freshman
NLSFNon-Lethal Slippery Foam
NLSFNewfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Federation Inc (Canada)
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The MATLAB code for the implementation of this NLSF process to solve for the parameters for model one is given in Algorithm 1.
The averaged component parameters (and their standard deviations) returned by the NLSF process for each model are given in Table 1.
To verify that the NLSF process (solving using multiple randomly generated initial conditions) converged to a similar solution for each circuit parameter of each model, it was applied 20 times for each model and the least squares error (LSE) of each was monitored.
For further comparison of the parameter differences from each of the 20 NLSF trials, the values from each trial are given in Figures 7(b), 7(d), and 7(f) for models one, two, and three, respectively.
ALGORITHM 1: MATLAB implementation of NLSF using Isqcurvefit with multiple initial conditions.
Caption: Figure 7: (a), (c), (e) Evolution of LSE from the NLSF when multiple initial conditions applied and (b), (d), (f) parameter variation from multiple trials of the NLSF