NLSINational Lightning Safety Institute
NLSINASA Lunar Science Institute
NLSINational Law Enforcement and Security Institute
NLSINew Life Sciences Initiative (Cornell University)
NLSINational Law School of India
NLSINCO Leaders Skill Inventory
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NLSI is a virtual organization that enables collaborative, interdisciplinary research in support of NASA lunar science programs.
According to William Farrell of NASA Goddard, a co-author on the paper and lead of the NLSI DREAM team, "The dust is an indicator of unusual surface electric fields.
We have just started exploring Vesta's secrets, and I'm sure other intriguing results will come along shortly," said NLSI team member Dr.
NLSI is also providing educational content and supporting outreach goals of the project.
David Morrison, NLSI director, said: "The NASA Lunar Science Institute is very excited to be involved with Moon Zoo and support lunar citizen science," "Science and public outreach are cornerstones of our Institute; Moon Zoo will contribute to the accomplishment of important science, while being a major step forward in participatory exploration.