NLSMBNational Live Stock and Meat Board
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One program that has been more successful than its organizers had expected, according to Thomas Flaherty, coordinator of retail programs for the NLSMB, is meat Nutri-Facts.
Unveiled one year ago and sponsored by the American Meat Institute, Food marketing Institute and the NLSMB, Nutri-Facts has been embraced or is in the process of being developed by 36 of the 50 top food chains--which represent 11,700 stores--and eight of the nation's 10 leading wholesalers, according to the NLSMB.
Flaherty of the NLSMB says the Nutri-Facts program will be expanded to include more recipes and nutritional information pertaining to additional cuts of meat; photographic representations of what a 3-ounce serving looks like; the use of videotape for educational presentations; and merchandising of the "under 200 calorie" component of the program.