NLTANewfoundland and Labrador Teachers' Association
NLTANational Land Transport Act (South Africa)
NLTANon-Lethal Training Ammunition
NLTANRL (Naval Research Laboratory) Low-Frequency Test Array
NLTANative Land Trust Act (Fiji)
NLTANo Lost Time Accident
NLTANational League of Teachers' Associations
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Net Loans to Total Asset (NLTA) has negative effect on the risk taken by commercial banks as the coefficient of NLTA is negative and highly significant at 1%.
The impact of NLTA on bank risk is same across all the sub samples i.
Table 1: Variables, definitions and sources Variables Definitions Sources Dependent variables ROAA Net after-tax income to average BankScope Determinants total assets Bank-specific EQTA Equity to total assets BankScope NLTA Net loans to total assets BankScope CIR Cost income ratio BankScope SIZE Natural logarithm of total BankScope assets Industry-specific BC The three largest banks' assets Work Bank to total banking sector assets DMBA Total assets of deposit money Work Bank bank to GDP CBA Total assets of the Central Work Bank Bank to GDP Macroeconomic GDPG The real gross domestic product IMF (GDP) growth INF The annual inflation rate IMF Table 2: Descriptive statistics for the all sample variable Mean Min Median Max SD ROAA 1.
Chris Lott, chairman of the Northumberland LTA, also presented head coach Ben Adams with the Development Coach of the Year Award which he won at this summer's NLTA Awards.
UTM NLTA Protective Gear (Role Player) Traditional Middle Eastern Style PHXRPTMES.
Chris Lott, chairman of the NLTA, and Ian Brown, president of the NLTA, presented the awards in the marquee of the Northumberland Club.
The NLTA requires vehicles to be roadworthy and appropriate for the transportation of scholars, as well as for operators to be in possession of the necessary documentation/authority in order to carry out this function.
MIXED FORTUNES: Mixed doubles winners Adam Barratclough and Amy Hoburn (above) with NLTA president Richard Baron DOUBLE DELIGHT: Ladies doubles winners (above) Ceara Howey (left) and Lauren Jones (with their trophies LOTT TO CELEBRATE: Men's doubles winners Matthew Lott (left) and Ben Lott with NLTA chairman Chris Lott
Organize and conduct training for site staff, NLTA and the community in first aid, disaster management, climate change adaptation and tour guiding