NLTBNative Land Trust Board (Fiji)
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This is also evident in two documents circulated by the NLTB (Native Land Trust Board) in support of the 'taukei civilian government' that the George Speight Team aspired to.
Ward (1995:221) reports the division of rents in this way: 25% to the NLTB for administrative costs and 75% to landowners, with the latter percentage being subdivided between the Turaga i Taukei (head of the vanua) 5%, the Turaga ni Qali (heads of the yavusa) 10% and the Turaga ni Mataqali (heads of the mataqali) 15% and all other registered members of the mataqali 70%.
Further loans, notably from the National Development Bank of Fiji, were contingent upon patricians agreeing to its individual members taking out legally-binding leases through the NLTB, and upon the erection of proper fencing.