NLTINew Land Technologies, Inc. (Jupiter, FL)
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NLTI Number of long-term As above institutional investors NSTI Number of short-term As above institutional investors D(NLTI > NSTI) A dummy variable that takes a As above value of one if the number of long-term institutional investors is larger than the number of short-term institutional investors, and zero otherwise COMP Managers' self-reported number Bloom and Van of competitors Reenen (2007) FAMC When family members jointly own As above the firm's largest shareholding block PRIM Dummy variable set to one when As above the eldest son of the family in a family-controlled firm becomes the CEO, and zero otherwise WDEG Percentage of the firm's As above workforce with an academic degree FOUN One when the founder is the As above largest single shareholder and CEO, and zero otherwise.
1 million man-hours worked without a single LTI or NLTI.