NLTKNatural Language Toolkit
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The central feature of the AOP-helpFinder was its ability to find associations between compounds (e.g., BPS) and AOP terms using a NLTK TM approach.
Packages such as NLTK in Python or NLP in R would engender additional skills for students in dealing with unstructured data.
NLTK - Nature Language Toolkit (NLTK) is one of the most popular Python libraries in Nature Langue Processing field [28], [29].
Operating System and software: Ubuntu Server 14.04 with built-in Python language (version 2.7.3), Apache Spark (version 1.6.2), and NLTK (version 3.0).
NLTK is a well-known sentiment analysis tool in python language.
Using Python API package, word matching and scoring has been done, and the Python Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) has been used to identify the words.
[9] developed a methodology that produces Arabic sentences parse trees and specifically the Qur'anic sentences were proposed through the usage of NLTK. The defined process consists of building a lexicon, a context-free grammar and using the NLTK recursive-descent parser.
When training the CNN model, we split the data into training, validation, and testing sets with a 80/10/10 split and then split sentences and conduct tokenization with NLTK (
We used the python modules NLTK and scikit-learn [13] to process the data.
Smith, "Maximum entropy part-of-speech tagging in NLTK," unpublished course-related report, 2010.