NLTLNon-Linear Transmission Line
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Unfortunately, neither this nonlinear capacitor nor the NLR with cubic nonlinearity introduced by Comte and Marquie [22] to compactify kink solitons may be used to create compact electrical pulse signal in the NLTL. In this paper we consider the NLR with the following currentvoltage characteristics:
where, without loss of generality, the lattice spacing h is taken equal to 1 so that the space variable x is given in units of cells, which is a more convenient unit for the NLTL.
The paper is organized as follows: In Section 2, we write down the circuit equations governing smallamplitude pulses on the lossy NLTL shown in Fig.
(7), we obtain that voltages of the adjacent nodes on this lossy NLTL are related via partial differential equation as follows
Schottky varactors have been extensively used in nonlinear transmission lines (NLTLs).
As a result, the gate and drain lines are modeled by NLTLs. These two are coupled via [], [L.sub.m], and [I.sub.ds] .
The PPL NLTL consists of a transmission line periodically loaded by several varactors.
NLTLs use majority carrier devices and therefore are more closely related to Schottky varactor-based frequency multipliers than SRD circuits.
LeCroy has worked with Picosecond Pulse Labs to incorporate the NLTL technology into oscilloscopes.
One of the benefits of NLTL technology in this application is its very low jitter specified to be <1-ps rms.