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NLUNational Louis University
NLUNational Law University (Jodhpur, India)
NLUNorton Live Update
NLUNong Lam University (Vietnam)
NLUNatural Language Understanding
NLUNortheast Louisiana University
NLUNational Labor Union (1866-1872)
NLUNo Longer Used
NLUNormal Latchup
NLUNo Location Update
NLUNon-Legal Union
NLUNumeric Look-Up
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Pathways started in 2015 after NLU President Nivine Megahed reviewed national data on college completion rates for low-income and minority students.
This is unfortunate because NLP and NLU are different beasts entirely, and both have their place in the forward march of science and technology .
Face to face interview revealed that sensitisation of local publisher about the legal deposit system has been tried by NLU and found to be unsustainable due to limited resources.
Douglas, Curator of the Museum of Natural History of the University of Louisiana at Monroe (NLU), for allowing complete access to the NLU Collection of Fishes to examine lamprey specimens.
OrionGadgets recommends BodyGuardz brand body protectors because NLU stands behind their products, offering the BodyGuardz Advantage lifetime replacement program and unmatched customer support.
Output: interpretation of the infinite ways a human can express a concept Use cases helped to demonstrate using NLP and NLU to transform the free text from History and Physicals, Discharge Summaries, and other clinical notes into discreet data elements that can:
The MOU formally recognizes that NLU and DAU will cooperate in providing educational opportunities for currently enrolled and potential students of each institution.
Mediating between them, NLU enables the computer to understand what the user is saying.
collected from the Layton Farm pond of NLU between April 1997 and
Automatic speech recognition (ASR) as a field of research has proceeded on a parallel but separate track from NLU for more than 20 years.
The figure shows the various technologies, along with their services, that IVAs will employ to process each interaction: NLU, voice biometrics, predictive analytics, visual IVR, omnichannel surveying, interaction analytics (speech and text analytics), customer journey analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer telephony integration (CTI), and more.
NASDAQ: NUAN) Nuance Mix NLU development platform will be leveraged by ROOBO, the company said.