NLUPNew Labor Unity Party (Fiji)
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The NLUP, led by Fijian Tupeni Baba -- also formerly a Deputy Prime Minister to Chaudhry -- who centred his campaign on a multiracial theme of `Lets Get Together', failed to make much impact, with Baba himself losing his seat.
For instance, the FLP complained that the NFP and NLUP were allocating their preferences to Fiji nationalist parties -- SDL and CAMV.
The surprise appointment was Kenneth Zinck from the NLUP, and part of a moderate group of small parties and independents which were prepared to support Qarase, but only on the condition that CAMV were excluded from Cabinet.
* In Mizoram, land use changes are being fostered by the New Land Use Policy (NLUP).
* Technological transition in agriculture is being encouraged in Mizoram under the NLUP, cropping patterns are recognized to show sustainability deficiencies and sloping agricultural land technology (SALT) such as alley cropping is being explored.
Niharika Rai, Deputy Commissioner, Kolasib District, Mizoram, said NLUP helps in providing permanent livelihood to those who have no source of earning a livelihood or involved in Jhum cultivation.