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NLVNorth Las Vegas (Nevada)
NLVNederlandse Leverpatienten Vereniging (Dutch: Dutch Liver Patients Association)
NLVNorwalk-Like Virus
NLVNo Longer Valid
NLVNational Language Version
NLVNational Library of Vietnam
NLVNanosat Launch Vehicle
NLVNewark Licking Valley (Newark, OH)
NLVNew Living Version (version of the Bible)
NLVNya Läroverket
NLVNo-Load Voltage
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In years past, the Internal Revenue Service (1RS) has attempted to claim that the value of rails-to-trails noncash charitable contributions should be based on NLV.
Sources of contaminated water in documented NLV cases include municipal water, well water, stream water, commercial ice, lake water, and swimming pool water (Gerba & Kayed, 2003).
Although several outbreaks of NLV gastroenteritis in bivouac or military base settings have been reported (7,9; CDC, unpublished data, 2001), the effectiveness of possible control measures is not known.
The catering facilities responsible for the NLV outbreaks discussed in this paper had been cited frequently by health officials for critical food safety violations.
Secondary cases and nosocomial spread are common (3), although the risk for NLV infection in the health-care setting can be minimized through the use of appropriate infection-control practices (6,7).
Although the initial sources of NLV were not discovered, the nature of both outbreaks, particularly the onsets of illness during a several day period and the continuation of the outbreak among separate groups of campers at camp A, indicated the infections were spread within each camp by person-to-person transmission.
Because the clinical signs and symptoms of NLV infection are nonspecific and overlap with other causes of foodborne disease, criteria were developed to aid health-care providers in identifying NLV-associated infection [4,5].
NLV outbreaks have been caused by eating contaminated raw shellfish and by unsanitary food preparation practices by foodhandlers [1,3-6].
Total quantity or scope: The Northern Lighthouse Board vessel NLV Pole Star requires to have the following systems/equipment either upgraded or replaced.