NLWRNon-Limiting Water Range
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5 to NLWR and PLWR, via the relationships between these factors and shear strength at the plastic limit described by McKenzie (2001b).
A procedure has been devised for relating shear vane data to NLWR, PLWR, and (if required) LLWR.
(1994) used the NLWR (numerically the same as LLWR) concept in Canada with different textures and soil types, and concluded that in nearly all cases the NLWR was less than the traditional available water capacity (AWC, the difference between field capacity and wilting point).
A weakness in the concept of NLWR (and LLWR) is that it assumes that limiting values of air-filled porosity, water potential, and soil strength are suddenly rather than gradually imposed, and are independent of soil type, plant species, and other variables (e.g.