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NLXNatural Language Translation
NLXNew Low Profile Extended
NLXNatasha Alexandra (singer-songwriter)
NLXNew Low Profile Extended (motherboard form factor)
NLXNew Life Experiences (brand activation agency; India)
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With NLX and Power Rules, Signal Sciences continues to innovate in the WAF market which hasn't seen meaningful advances either by incumbents or through technology acquisition.
[[absolute value of ([V.sub.[mu]N])].sup.2] [less than or equal to] [[sigma].sup.ATLAS/CMS]/[(pp [right arrow] NlX,N [right arrow] ljj) + All same sign dilepton modes].
Results showed that the amplification of tnapn1 transcript was 1.9- to 4-fold higher in NLX and USX compared with NL and US, respectively.
Figures 4 and 5 show examples of NLX with [N.sub.c] = 1 and [N.sub.c] = 2 when [N.sub.G] = 1, respectively.
The connectivity was developed in partnership with NASDAQ OMX NLX and existing clients and will be generally available in Q3, 2014.
TNS customers connected to the NLX market can benefit from simplified execution of a range of hedge, strategy and contingent trades as well as Central Order Book, off order book trades and the unique ability to portfolio margin both ends of the curve in a single clearing house.
NLX, the new London derivatives market, will offer a range of both short-term and long-term interest rate (STIRs and LTIRs) euro-based and sterling-based listed derivatives products, subject to Financial Services Authority approval.
NLX will offer short-term and long-term interest rate euro- and sterling-based listed derivative products, pending Financial Services Authority approval.
The NLX partners are looking forward to continuing their work with the Obama Administration and the U.S.
Toxicity of neem leaves extracts (NLX) "compare with Malathion" (57 E.C.) against late 3rd instar larvae of Culex fatigans (Wild Strain) by WHO method, Trop J Zool 1998; 22 : 213-8.
Effect of safranal on MCS induced by PTZ, after pretreatment with flumazenil, (FMZ) and naloxone (NLX) # of animal Treatment with MCS % protection MCS Latency (min) Vehicle (normal 8/8 0 1.04[+ or -]0.05 saline, i.c.v.) Diazepam 90 nmol, 7/8 12.5 5.63[+ or -]1.14*** i.c.v.