NMAAHCNational Museum of African-American History and Culture
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Located on the Potomac River just south of the National Mall and the NMAAHC in neighboring Prince George's County, Md.
If you spend any time at NMAAHC headquarters, you'll find among the slew of memorabilia, several large sheets of yellow flipchart paper taped on a wall in the office's glass-encased conference room.
Still, when offered the job of leading the NMAAHC, he turned it down.
In June 2005, Bunch had to contend with an intimidating meeting at NMAAHC, a month before he officially took the helm.
Delphia Duckens, associate director of external affairs for NMAAHC, who has coordinated fundraising efforts for the past 15 months, asserts that "Lonnie is one of the best in terms of articulating the vision in a way that people see themselves wanting to be a part of it.
Duckens says the NMAAHC approaches fundraising from a "standpoint of abundance, not scarcity," not wasting much time on those who will suffer from sticker shock.
Beyond using the contacts from the council, Duckens says NMAAHC has compiled an expansive database in which each individual and organization has been placed through a series of analytical screens for the greatest probability of donation, including contribution history; capacity for sizable gifts; interest in African American causes or preservation of history; and HBCU alumni status.
The NMAAHC will hustle and wear out shoe leather to hook a big fish.
We're seeking to preserve, display and teach African-American history, so that it doesn't fade into obscurity," said Frederick Douglas, IV, President of Friends of the NMAAHC.
In conjunction with the Friends of the NMAAHC and Mitchell, the Church hopes to microfilm these treasures," said Darius Gray, President of the Genesis Group, an officially recognized association of African-American members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Individuals on hand for the debut include United States Congressmen, Mark Mitchell, collection owner, Frederick Douglass, IV, President of Friends of the NMAAHC, James Henson, great nephew of Matthew Henson who co-discovered the North Pole, and Darius Gray, President of the Genesis Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.