NMADNational Model Aviation Day (Academy of Model Aeronautics)
NMADNew Mexico Association of the Deaf
NMADNational Martial Arts Day (National Association of Professional Martial Artists)
NMADNumber Median Aerodynamic Diameter
NMADNear Miss Asthma Death
NMADNormalized Median Absolute Deviation
NMADNational Mine Action Database
NMADNonnuclear Munitions Allocation and Distribution
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NMAD = 1.4826 x [median.sub.j] ([absolute value of [DELTA][h.sub.j])- [m.sub.[DELTA]h]]) (1)
Using the robust accuracy measures appropriate for non-normal error distributions, we calculated the median, the NMAD and two quantiles (68.3% and 95%) for each combination of resolution and search radius.
The results of the NMAD calculations are given in Table 2.
The results for the two quantiles are presented in Table 3, and confirm the NMAD results.
The results of evaluating the relationships between the six different slope intervals and the errors represented by the NMAD are shown in Figure 4.
The new NSIPS functionality replaced a legacy system that lacked the modern, robust features needed to support NMAD staff and HPIP participants.
In addition, NMAD staff have complete visibility of student data, university information and tuition payments, and can track and run reports on all types of financial data, including reimbursable expenses for items such as stethoscopes, lab coats and goggles.
Business intelligence tools embedded in the analytics portion of NSIPS will provide trend analysis and other forward-leaning capabilities to NMAD staff in the future, Baham added.
In such low pretest probability populations, testing for nMAD x nNMT provides excellent specificity while maintaining sensitivity, suggesting that this derivative measure could be used more widely as a screening test for pheochromocytoma.
Even more important is the fact that in this center, the results of urinary fractionated metanephrines were used as part of the work-up for tumor excision, a protocol that biases our analysis toward higher sensitivity values for our analyses, particularly for the test "nMAD or nNMT abnormal", which generates an abnormal report from our laboratory.
[3] Nonstandard abbreviations: MAD, metanephrine; NMT, normetanephrine; n3MT, normalized 3-methoxytyramine; nMAD, normalized metanephrine; nNMT, normalized normetanephrine.