NMAHNational Museum of American History
NMAHName Mapping Authority Hostport (temporary online address)
NMAHN-Methyl Acetohydroxamic Acid (biochemistry)
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For my part, I was one of about a dozen temporary fellows brought in to NMAH last year thanks to funding from Goldman Sachs.
When I arrived at NMAH in January of 2013,1 felt as if I were reuniting with old friends.
Long after such artifacts have been rendered obsolete in the world outside the museum, the curators at NMAH hold them in trust for the American public.
What's more, NMAH is fast approaching a generational cliff.
9 This discrepancy may be due to the fact that NMAH treats mainly severely burnt patients while moderate and minor injuries were managed in peripheral hospitals.
We express special thanks to the Chief Executive Officer and administrative staff of NMAH for allowing access to patient records, to the Paediatric Burns Unit nursing staff who diligently took care of the patients included, and to Dr Julius Wandabwa and Blandina Kingu for their contribution in epidemiological and statistical analysis, respectively.
A carefully chosen hostname in the NMAH could last for decades.
Binney and Smith Collection, Archives Center, NMAH.
Strawbridge & Clothier Collection, Hagley Museum and Library; Maidenform Collection, Archives Center, NMAH.
The mailing address is Archives Center C340, NMAH, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.
It represents one of the many shop floor illustrations available in the various company archives housed at the Archives Center of the NMAH.
This photograph, which shows workers in an unidentified automobile assembly plant at the turn of the century, is a reproduction of a glass plate positive in the Underwood & Underwood Glass Stereograph Collection, at the Archives Center, NMAH.