NMAPSNetwork Management and Provisioning System (provisioning and management of cable modems from COM21)
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Features such as VLANs, NMAPS and XB modems make end-to-end system deployment of advanced services very practical.
The XB System, which enables an ideal migration path for cable operators transitioning from ATM to DOCSIS-based solutions, combines the DOXcontroller 1000XB CMTS with the recently enhanced Com21 NMAPS (Network Management and Provisioning System) capabilities including advanced TDMA support and superior performance for advanced symmetrical data rate applications.
0 of the NMAPS network management tool for the company's ComUNITY cable access system.
Although a more complete description of the NMAPS population can be found in previous publications (12-14), it is important to point out that this population is not a random sample of elderly living in Albuquerque, NM.
When women in the NMAPS were asked whether they used exogenous estrogens, 31% (n = 74) responded yes to this inquiry.
The number of the various APOE genotypes and the allele frequencies for women (n = 248) examined in the NMAPS are shown in Table 1.
None of the women in the NMAPS with an APOE 2[euro]/3[euro] genotype (group 2[euro]) used progestogens, whereas 11 of 44 (25%) of APOE 3[euro] / 3[euro] (group 3[euro]) and 4 of 16 (25%) of APOE 3[euro]/4[euro] + 4[euro]/4[euro] (group 4[euro]) women used a combination of oral estrogens and progestogens.
The NMAPS XB network management system offers element management, subscriber self-provisioning, and statistics collection for DOCSIS-based networks.