NMARNorthwest Montana Association of Realtors
NMARNorth Mecklenburg Animal Rescue (Charlotte, NC)
NMARNew Mexico Adoption Registry (genealogy)
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NMAR occurs when the probability of an instance having a missing value for an attribute may depend on the value of that attribute.
Marwa labelled all Muslims, who disagreed with his beliefs as infidels and those that accepted all aspects of modernisation as hell-bound pagans (Nmar 2012, 121).
Furthermore, the Maitatsine allegiance to the anti-western Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini and former Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi was reflective of the belief that their despair was a result of the Nigerian government acceptance of western civilisation (Aghedo 2014, 236; Nmar 2010, 121).
In the present study, the oncogenic function of the ER coregulator PELP1 or NMAR was identified in CRC, a common and highly invasive type of cancer.
NMAR assumes that there is a relationship between the value of [y.sup.m.sub.i] and the missingness, [G.sub.i,j].
Moreover, for each method, the minimum value of RMSE at the same missing ratio always appears when data are NMAR distributed, while MCAR yields the maximum value of RMSE.
Similarly, each imputation method functions best under NMAR but operates worst under MCAR.
c) Perdida de datos condicionada fuertemente (NMAR 80/20), que tambien sera denominada como <<perdida intencional 80/20>>.
* In NMAR data the probability of a variable having a missing value is related to values of the variable with the missing data.
Similarly, NMAR papers cited in ACY and NON-ACY journals are denoted NMAR->ACY and NMAR->NON-ACY, respectively.
Table 1 Reliability Coefficients for each Sub-dimension Sub-dimensions Alpha Coefficients Fam sub-dimension .8667 Nfam sub-dimension .9406 Per sub-dimension .8628 Nper sub-dimension .8583 Bus sub-dimensions .7999 Nbus sub-dimension .8783 Mar sub-dimension .7369 Nmar sub-dimension .6910 Next, the authors conducted a regression analysis of the eight sub-dimensions and offspring intentions in order to measure the unique relationship of each independent variable with the dependent one.
As a result, the delisting of Nautilus' securities from Nasdaq will be stayed pending the Hearing Panel's decision and Nautilus' securities will continue to trade on the Nasdaq under the symbol 'NMAR'.