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NMASNormative Multi-Agent System
NMASNetmeeting Application Sharing
NMASNetwork Management and Analysis
NMASNetwork Mobility Supporting Atm Switch
NMASNovell Modular Authentication Service
NMASNational Map Accuracy Standards
NMASNorth Mississippi Allstars (band)
NMASNursing and Midwifery Admissions Service (UK)
NMASNorfolk Museums Archaeology Service (UK)
NMASNetwork Management System
NMASNational Mobilization against Sweatshops (New York)
NMASNeffs Modified Amoebae Salinae
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95) In the NMAS, mediators are not referred to as neutral third parties but "must conduct the dispute resolution process in an impartial manner and adhere to ethical standards of practice.
2) The NMAS states that "for maps on publication scales larger than 1:20,000, not more than ten percent of the points tested shall be in error by more than 1/30 inch, measured on the publication scale; for maps on publication scales of 1:20,000 or smaller, 1/50 inch" (USGS 1947).
The first hypothesis, that scores on the NMAS would correlate positively with scores on the FIS, was supported (r = .
For instance, the resistance to disintegration of porous asphalt made of NMAS 10 mm increases by 56.
It means that 13,406 people mainly English women aged 21 or over have applied solely to courses that were previously available through NMAS.
En USACE (1994), con relacion al NMAS, se indica que cuanto mas pequena es la muestra mas restrictiva se hace la tolerancia y por ello de requerir 20 puntos en las normas ASPRS.
As can be seen from Table I, participants in the ART group demonstrated significant reductions in normative male alexithymia on the NMAS and the endorsement of traditional masculinity ideology on the MRNI-R (Dominance, Restrictive Emotionality, and Total).
Tabla 4 Documentos Base del Analisis Normas de Control Posicional Clase o Nombre del metodo Metodo base Observaciones NMAS (1947) NMAS Estandar de muy simple aplicacion y ampliamente utilizado en todo el mundo desde su publicacion ipgh ipgh Especificaciones cartograficas del Instituto (1978) Panamericano de Geografia e Historia adoptada por numerosos paises de Hispanoamerica.
As a student studying to become a nurse or midwife,I was shocked to hear that; at the end of gaining your qualifications,if you have not done any voluntary work within the NHS, then your application would be automatically thrown away, without even a second glance,by NMAS.
Although other standards are sometimes used, in photogrammetric mapping work, accuracy is usually specified by a guarantee of adherence to NMAS, which means that all the errors that can creep into a photogrammetric project - from control work, lens imperfections, operator error, mathematical rounding, etc.
In order to meet the future mapping needs of design projects, the horizontal and vertical accuracy of all primary mapping deliverables developed under this project (Digital Orthoimagery, Planimetric Data, DTMs Digital Terrain Models and 1-foot Topography) shall meet, or exceed, NMAS (National Map Accuracy Standards) for 1 = 50 scale map feature data with 1-foot topography etc.