NMATNational Medical Admission Test (Philippines)
NMATNational Movement against Terrorism
NMATNational Marketing Action Team
NMATNational Mutual Aid Telephony (UK)
NMATNew Mexico Alternative Transit (Santa Fe, NM)
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Later, in spite of misgivings by several of us, NMAT turned into the JHU and contested.
Put simply, NMAT is the holistic journal for the holistic practitioner.
(last year 2378 candidates were shortlisted).Shortlisted candidates include 24% females, which is 5% more as compared to NMAT 2013.
Non-myeloablative allogeneic transplantation (NMAT) can provide prolonged remissions in patients with advanced B-cell lymphoma via the graft versus lymphoma effect, though patients and donors need to be carefully selected.
These awards surprised her since she remained undecided about her Med-tech career until she finally decided to pursue a medical program, which required her taking and passing of the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT), the equivalent of the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), which is required to enter medical schools in the United States and Canada.
Pe t e rhe a d i nmat e s contr ibuted 43 of those complaints just under 12 per cent despite accounting for less than four per cent of the Scottish prison population.
New Mill Almshouse Trust (NMAT) runs Cottage Homes on Sheffield Road in New Mill.
"We have fed back their views to the Network Management Approvals Team (NMAT) Group made up of the council and emergency services and discussions are now ongoing.
(1984) applied first-order SST bias adjustments, adding a constant value of 0.3[degrees]C to observations made before 1942, based on the difference between global night marine air temperature (NMAT) and SST.