NMAWCNaval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command
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Unfortunately, there is no MIW "czar." For now, responsibilities are split among NMAWC, the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command (for EOD, in Little Creek, Virginia), N95 (and other CNO warfare/platforms resource sponsors) in the Pentagon, and numerous program offices in the Office of Naval Research and in Navy systems commands, laboratories, and on the staffs of warfare commanders.
The premiere training event, ASMC Training Day 2014 which was co-sponsored by ASMC San Diego Chapter and DAUAA West Chapter took place on 30 July at DAU classrooms at the Naval Mine Anti-Submarine Warfare Command (NMAWC).
The focus at the Mine Warfare Training Center in San Diego has been on MCM rather than mining, although the Naval Mine and Anti-submarine Warfare Command (NMAWC) is increasingly emphasizing training for aircrews in mining tactics, techniques, and procedures.