NMBSNational Maternity Benefit Scheme (India)
NMBSNational Merchant Buying Society (UK)
NMBSNationale Maatschappij Belgische Spoorwegen
NMBSNew Millennium Building Systems (steel framing; South Carolina and Ohio)
NMBSNATO Mailbox System
NMBSNieuw Materiaal Bestellen Snel
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Use of neuromuscular blockers Question n (%) Routine use of NMBs (425 responses) Yes 328 (77.2) No 97 (22.8) Neuromuscular blocker agents (347 responses) Rocuronium 296 (85.3) Cisatracurium 25 (7.2) Atracurium 10 (2.9) Mivacurium 5 (1.4) Other 11 (3.2) Neuromuscular blocker application (346 responses) Intermittent 278 (80.3) Continuous 68 (19.7) Indications for NMB use (359 responses) Endotracheal tube exchange 262 (73.0) Severe hypoxemia 228 (63.5) Patient-ventilator asynchrony 220 (61.3) Recruitment maneuver 171 (47.6) Prone position 131 (36.5) Agitated patient 18 (5.0) Other 21 (5.8) NMB: neuromuscular blocker Table 5.
She said: "The NMBS German technology has been adopted during the replacement of the expansion joints to avoid full closure of the bridge and reduce labour work.
Business and commercial integration with NMBS will begin immediately.
The transaction is part of a major operation, under which NMBS Logistics' capital will be strengthened by EUR 70 million in total, including bank loans.
The NMBS Mobility division reported 2.4% growth in the number of passengers and a loss of EUR 32.6 million.
Nationale Maatschappij der Belgische Spoorwegen, Jaarverslag 2003, Brussels, NMBS, 2004.
As top firms with enthusiastic clients reach an RF of up to 80 percent (Reichheld, 2001), the Belgian railway company NMBS is doing a bad job when it comes to customers' tendency to recommend the NMBS to others.
(SeeNews) - Sep 9, 2014 - Belgian railway operator NMBS and railway infrastructure manager Infrabel have inaugurated their joint Railway Operations Centre, aimed at improving the coordination between the services of the two operators.
Further, under National Maternity Benefit scheme (NMBS), pregnant women are provided financial assistance (Rs.
(ADPnews) - Nov 2, 2009 - Belgian railway operator NMBS announced Friday a 6.2% year-on-year lower revenue of EUR 1.248 billion (USD 1.84bn) for the first half of 2009.
Premier has had success with the buying groups CBA, Unimer and NMBS in the last year and the company has added a number of staff to its sales team in the last 12 months in order to meet the steadily-rising demand for their range of sustainable timber products.