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NMCCNorthern Maine Community College (Presque Isle, ME)
NMCCNational Military Command Center
NMCCNational Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (India)
NMCCNational Malaria Control Center (Zambia)
NMCCNew Madrid County Central (high school)
NMCCNorthwest Mississippi Community College (Senatobia, MS)
NMCCNational Managed Care Contract (American Medical Association database)
NMCCNational Mortgage Complaint Center
NMCCNorthland Memorial Community Centre (New Zealand)
NMCCNational Moot Court Competition
NMCCNetwork Management Command and Control (Sprint)
NMCCNew Millenium Cyanide Christ (band)
NMCCNational Movement Coordination Center
NMCCNew Mexico Communicators Council
NMCCNew Mexico Corporation Commission
NMCCNamibia Medical Care Clinics (healthcare initiative)
NMCCNavy and Marine Corps Council
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Former Marion coach and administrator Gerald Murphy is NMCC's current principal and was in attendance Friday night.
The 21st TSC analyzed scheduled convoys and routes and presented the information to the German NMCC. The German NMCC raised concerns about the feasibility of moving such large amounts of convoys into Poland in such a short period of time.
BREMER: The NMCC is in effect the Pentagon's equivalent operations center--a 24 hour watch center with representatives from all the services, from the Joint Chiefs and from the CIA, State Department--I can't remember who else was there, maybe the Justice Department.
After this resistance was detected, the NMCC formed the Insecticide Resistance Management Technical Working Group (IRMTWG) in 2010.
The NMCC is part of the Philippines' commitment to the Hyogo Framework for Action, agreed upon in the 2005 World Conference for Disaster Reduction in Kobe, Japan.
THE NATIONAL Manufacturing Competitiveness Council ( NMCC), which has played a role in formulating India's chip manufacturing and IT hardware policies, has similar plans to boost manufacturing in the country's textile, steel and aviation sectors, says Ajay Shankar, membersecretary.
New Delhi, Feb.8 ( ANI ): National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC) Member Secretary Ajay Shankar said that adoption of innovative green technologies, cross-disciplinary vocational training and aggressive R and D could change the face of Indian Auto Industry in the next decade.
Taking three main prediction centers, for example, the average distance error of 24/48 hours' forecast by the USA National Hurricane Center (NHC) is 106/187 km, which is 125/243 km for Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) and 120/215 km for National Meteorological Centre of China (NMCC) [11].
The sources said there was unanimity in the NMCC that unless the Exim Bank was able to lend at an attractive rate, Bhel or IRCON would not stand a chance against the Chinese or European players.
embassy country team is expected to notify the relevant DoD Geographic Combatant Commander (GCC), who will dispatch a liaison element to work with the country team to assess the incident, identify potential support requirements, and begin the flow of information through the combatant command to the National Military Command Center (NMCC).
Recent trends in competing countries, particularly China, in the area of mass and labour intensive areas such as Textiles and Garments, Leather etc., show that due to the wage increases as well as other policy changes in those countries the investors are looking for alternate locations (NMCC 2008).