NMCMNumerical Methods in Continuum Mechanics (international conference)
NMCMNot Mission Capable-Maintenance
NMCMNumerical Methods and Computational Mechanics (conference)
NMCMNavy/Marine Corps Medal
NMCMNational Mathematical Contest in Modeling
NMCMNaval Mine Countermeasure (various armed forces)
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The regulation of offers definitions of NMCM and NMCS.
NMCM begins when the equipment has an NMC fault that doesn't require a repair part.
TNMCM (%) = ((NMCM Hrs + NMCB Hrs)/Unit Possessed Hrs) x 100
Therefore, the percentage of MC hours must decrease as the percentage of NMCM, NMCS, and NMCB hours increase.
TNMCM (%) = NMCM Hrs + NMCB Hrs x 100%/ Possessed Hours
[NMCM.sub.3 year historical] is the 3-year historical average of the NMCM rate for the particular MDS under consideration.
The Logistics Management Institute (LMI) updated the AAT-setting methodology in 2006 to include computations for Required MC and NMCM rates for both day-to-day operations and predeployment.
Factor Subjective Scoring Rationale Criteria 1.0 0.5 Impact to NMCM Direct impact; clear Indirect impact; or Time and TNMCM relationship witnessed intuitive relationship, Rate from preliminary but not sure exactly studies; or something so how.
(12) Using a ratio of skilled to unskilled maintainers, a correlation analysis was performed to examine the relationship between the ratio and NMCM rates to emphasize the balance between skill and training.
Maintenance reliability is the number of times a WUC is coded NMCM or partially mission capable for maintenance (PMCM).
The analysts first looked at the wing NMCM data to determine if further evaluation was required.
The Pareto (80/20) analysis was used to identify problem areas by rank ordering WUCs by total NMCM hours.