NMCSNetfront Mobile Client Suite
NMCSNot Mission Capable-Supply
NMCSNational Military Command System
NMCSNational Multicultural Conference and Summit
NMCSNational Motorway Communications System (UK)
NMCSNon-Mission Capable Status (US DoD)
NMCSNew Mexico Computer Society
NMCSNational Movement of Catholic Students (Zimbabwe)
NMCSNew Mini Club Sweden (website)
NMCSNational Missing Children Services (Canada)
NMCSNon-Mission Critical Systems
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NMCS 2019 Multicultural Summit: Truth to Power: Impact Through Community Voice and Action
The National Media Council (NMC) on Tuesday issued a set of regulations for electronic media, which govern all online activities, including e-commerce, publishing and selling of print, video, and audio material as well as advertising.
In a statement on Monday, NMCS said that the weather will be hot in general, partly cloudy and hazy at times, adding that cloud amount will increase at times over some eastern areas, which may become convective at times by afternoon.
(47) Under the mechanism, each member state has established a National Monitoring Committee (NMC), which meets annually and report to the Regional Forum on NTBs, which in turn meets quarterly.
Mobile arm supports (MASs) are a type of assistive technology that enable people with NMCs to make functional use of their hands [3].
With the release of the National Mathematics Curriculum Standards (NMCS) in 2001, more systematic strategies for improving teaching have emerged.
A required delivery date (RDD) equal to '999' indicates an expedited handling requirement for Non-Mission-Capable-Supply (NMCS) overseas customers or CONUS customers deploying within 30 days.
(13.) These numbers were calculated from figures for NMCS codes
Mammalian skeletal muscles are composed of neuromuscular compartments (NMCs) defined by the distribution of primary nerve branches that may alter the muscle fibre characteristics and the metabolic profile (Roy et al., 1984; Bruce et al., 1993; Kernell, 1998; Graziotti et al., 2004; Graziotti et al., 2009).
Whilst the lifestyle and socioeconomic status of NMCs has changed, the inherent values and overall culture may not have undergone a dramatic change.