NMDRNew Mexico Dachshund Rescue (Santa Fe, NM)
NMDRNuclear Magnetic Double Resonance
NMDRNet Mean Discharge Rate
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For an NMDR effect, however, the response could both increase and decrease as the dose increases, resulting in, for example, U-shaped or inverted U-shaped curves when plotted on a graph.
Some evidence is available from experimental data for such NMDR relationships.
At its meeting, the Scientific Committee discussed an EFSA external scientific report, published today, that provides a review of the evidence of datasets suggesting NMDR (excluding essential nutrients).
Overall, the authors concluded that for substances in the area of food safety the NMDR hypothesis is so far not substantiated by the data selected and analysed in the report.
The report provides an extensive overview of the studies to date where indications of NMDR have been observed.
Nonmonotonic dose-response (NMDR) relationships show biphasic or bidirectional responses to dose, appearing in U-shaped or inverse U-shaped graphic forms.
For example, it is important to know the extent of statistical error and level of significance for NMDR relationships in sampled literature.