NMDRCNational Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre (Australia)
NMDRCNew Mexico Desert Racing Club
NMDRCNon-Monotonic Dose Response Curve
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Both low-dose effects and NMDRCs have been observed for a wide variety of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) such as Bisphenol A (Vandenberg et al.
We now know that endocrine disruptors commonly exhibit a nonmonotonic dose-response curve (NMDRC) in which the response reverses as concentration increases in a U-shaped or inverted U-shaped curve.
The nature of the pattern is similar to the NMDRC commonly seen in studies examining the effects of endocrine disruptors (Cavieres et al.
The Xpedition Package Integrator flow will be Mentors platform to support TSMCs unique TSMC InFO design requirements, including integration with other Mentor solutionsthe first being Calibre nmDRC and Calibre RVE.
The Mentor solution allows IC and package designers to view and cross-probe results from the Calibre nmDRC tool directly inside the Xpedition Package Integrator flow for verification of TSMC InFO interconnect structures.
The Calibre nmDRC platform supports design teams to ensure their designs meet process requirements.
today announced that Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company (AWSC) has selected the Calibre nmDRC and nmLVS products as their golden signoff physical verification solution for Gs ICs targeted for mobile and other wireless applications.
One example of advanced features being used by AWS is the Calibre nmDRC product s equation-based DRC (eqDRC) facility, which fills the void between traditional DRC and DFM process simulators.