NMEANational Marine Electronics Association
NMEANational Marine Educators Association
NMEANebraska Music Educators Association
NMEANational Marketing Educators Association
NMEANew Millennium Experience Company
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According to NMEA Chairman Homme Tsai, Netflix began considering joining NMEA after the association introduced Darren Ong to Taiwanese Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai in April.
While in the first session the master reference station is always the nearest reference station (MLGA located at just 22.4 km), in the second and third sessions the master reference stations are MLGA and CABR (the latter is located 65 km from the GRND test point), although the approximate position sent to the server using the NMEA GGA format is always the same.
Analysis of the NMEA output (Figure 2) shows that the GNSS sensor output depends on the smartphone platform such as iOS or Android.
A nitrosamine mix stock solution containing seven N-nitrosamines, namely N-nitroso-n-methylethylamine (NMEA), N-nitrosodi-n-butylamine (NDBA), N-nitrosodi-n-propylamine (NDPA), N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA), N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), N-nitrosopiperidine (NPIP) and N-nitrosopyrrolidine (NPYR), was purchased from Sigma Aldrich, Germany.
O penetrometro dotado de sistema automatico de medicao de resistencia a penetracao tem as seguintes caracteristicas: velocidade nominal de insercao de 3,0 m [s.sup.-1]; resolucao da medida de profundidade configurado para 5 cm; profundidade maxima de penetracao de 40 cm; protocolo de comunicacao com GPS NMEA 0183; cone numero 3, com diametro de 7,94 mm, indice de cone maximo de 15,1 MP, resolucao de 0,020 MPa.
Selected NMEA messages, GPGGA and GPVTG, were recorded in the PDA at a sampling rate of 5 Hz.
System specifications applied in the pilot project Applied System RTLS Location Anchor Model GNC-TAG-V1 GNC-An-V1 Major 2.45 GHz RF 2.45 GHz RF (ISM Specifications Wireless LAN Band) Embedded Linux Atmega 128L Cortex A8 (1 GHz) Main RS-232C JTAG CPU Applied System RTLS GPS Model GNC-TAG-V1 UIGGUB02-ROO1 Major 2.45 GHz RF -160 dBM Sensitivity Specifications Wireless LAN -160 dBM Tracking Embedded Linux System Cortex A8 (1 GHz) Main NMEA Protocol CPU Applied System RTLS WMN Model GNC-TAG-V1 RouterStation Pro Major 2.45 GHz RF SuperRange 2 Network Inter- Specifications Wireless LAN face Card Embedded Linux AR7100 Network Processing Cortex A8 (1 GHz) Main Unit CPU 100-500 m Coverage
That could cause huge discomfort for homeowners who have over-extended themselves, it was nmea.
GPS receiver outputs data defined by the specification of the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA).
The four messages to retrieve mainly including longitude, latitude, speed and time, so NMEA information output format (GPRMC) message was chosen as the designed USV position information in the marine environment and sailing speed.
The DriveView option logs video, audio, and NMEA data while RF is recorded.
Job site setup and RTK and geodetic coordinate establishment are quick, and using a Bing Maps background, the system supports multi-point localization and works with RTK and NMEA positioning.