NMFENinety Minutes from Europe (fanzine)
NMFENuclide Migration Field Experiment
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Finally, it was shown that a master curve relating the NMFE to the tensile stress can be obtained.
02 (discussing environmental baseline in defining "effects of the action"); see also Cumulative Effects Memo, supra note 253, at 6-7; NMFS 1995 Habitat Biological Opinion, Supra note 217, at 18 (biological opinion adopting this approach in Columbia River context, noting that [t]he environmental baseline does not include future discretionary activities within the action area that have not undergone ESA consultation'); NMFE 1995 Hydrosystem Biological Opinion, supra note 161, at 12 (same).
114) According to the Northwest Power Planning Council, drawdowns will produce increased salmon runs and salmon recovery"(115) Something the NMFE approach may be unable to supply.