NMFENinety Minutes from Europe (fanzine)
NMFENuclide Migration Field Experiment
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TABELA 5--Numero medio de frutos efetivos (NMFE), em plantas de laranjeira-'Pera-Rio', apos o trata-mento com Bacillus subtilis e biofertilizante.
NMFE = [[MFE - [MFE.sub.[infinity]]]/[[MFE.sub.MAX] - [MFE.sub.[infinity]]] (7)
Although there are some uncertainties surrounding the details of reservoir drawdowns, they do make possible the flow velocities fishery managers have advocated for more than fifteen years(113) Without as severe an effect on upstream reservoirs and their resident fish and wildlife, recreational activities, and irrigation supplies.(114) According to the Northwest Power Planning Council, drawdowns will produce increased salmon runs and salmon recovery"(115) Something the NMFE approach may be unable to supply.