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NMHANational Mental Health Association
NMHANew Mexico Hospital Association (Albuquerque, NM)
NMHANational Mental Health Assistance
NMHANormal Mode Helical Antenna
NMHANevada Manufactured Housing Association
NMHANebraska Manufactured Housing Association
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There are many research results on NMHA; the authors have proposed equations that can be used for designing antennas to achieve self-resonance [9-11], adding the tap feed to the NMHA for impedance matching [2, 3], calculating stored electromagnetic powers and Q factors of NMHA [12], and applying NMHA in TPMS devices [13, 14] and RFID devices [15].
The vector potential, a well-known formulation for an antenna, is employed to analyse a 1-turn NMHA. The major difficulty in using the vector potential to analyse NMHA is that the integrands cannot be separated in general coordinate systems [6].
In 2008, a survey done by NMHA showed that only 48% of nurse leaders in the state who answered the survey had incorporated the Guidelines into their hospital policy.
(14) National Mental Health Association, NMHA and the History of the Mental Health Movement, http://www1.nmha.org/about/history.cfm (last visited Feb.
For more information about mental health see NMHA publications.
The National Mental Health Association (NMHA) recently developed "What Does Gay Mean?," an anti-bullying, educational initiative, to raise awareness of anti-gay prejudice and its mental health impact, and to improve understanding and respect.
"Seasonal Affective Disorder," Sources: The Harvard Mental Health Letter (February 2003); NMHA MHIC-Fact Sheet: "Depression--Seasonal Affective Disorder," <http://www.nmha.org/infoctr/factsheets/27.cfm> (3 March 2003).
The NMHA Resource Center can put you in touch with mental health services in your community (800.969.6642).
According to the National Mental Health Association (NMHA) (2001), approximately 60 percent of individuals with depression experience anxiety-related symptoms including irritable-bowel syndrome.
I take particular exception to his mischaracterization of the National Mental Health Association (NMHA) and its advocacy work.