NMHPNational Material Handling Products (Wauwatosa, WI)
NMHPNo More Homeless Pets
NMHPNon-Medical Healthcare Professionals
NMHPNew Mexico Highway Patrol
NMHPNational Mental Health Partnership (est. 2007; UK)
NMHPNational Mental Health Policy (Australia; Department of Health and Ageing)
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This is the responsibility of the workers, and also requires effort and involvement of government managers to make the NMHP effective (27).
This reality demands scientific and financial investment in the working teams, so that they are motivated by the NMHP proposal, and are able to expand the discussion of how to improve care and reflect on the working processes developed.
Family members and users evaluate the Psychosocial Care Centers in a positive manner, showing that the NMHP is achieving its goals.
The new NMHP strategy includes 77 objectives, tackling aspects of the mental health sector, such as legislation, funding and capacity building, with staggered annual deadlines until 2020.
There are three aspects relevant to the 11th Five Year Plan that call for attention, (i) what is currently known about mental disorders and mental health interventions (ii) what are the salient aspects of the first 25 years of the NMHP and (iii) what should be the focus of the 11th Five Year Plan.
Prior to the formulation of the NMHP in 1982, there was growing recognition of the need to develop Indian models for mental health care.
During the first 10 years of the NMHP, the initial small scale models of care were systematically evaluated and a district level model was developed in the Bellary district of Karnataka.
Though professionals have accepted the NMHP, the effort to give a solid foundation to the DMHP is still insufficient.
The excellent models of disaster mental health care have not been a part of the past NMHP efforts.
The last 25 years of NMHP can be summarized as follows: it is possible to develop a national mental health programme but it has been a gradual process; government support for the programme is essential for large scale activities; NGO initiatives can stimulate change but cannot address the larger needs of the population; mental health professionals have an important role in bringing about changes and creating the models of care that can give results; mass media needs to be fully utilized to fight stigma of mental disorders; there is a greater need for the stakeholders (families, community groups, human rights activists, etc.