NMHPANewborns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act of 1996
NMHPANew Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance
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151) Under the NMHPA, insurers are still permitted to
Confounding the actions of health insurance companies are state laws governing the care of newborns and mothers, as these laws superceded the NMHPA.
According to NMHPA, "the power plant's plume of pollution could blot the horizon, screen the sunrise from view, and diminish the clear night sky--severing the ancient connection between Chaco and the universe.
gov/dol/ebsa) three brochures designed to familiarize participants in employer sponsored health plans with the provisions of COBRA (see Q 188 to Q 203), HIPAA (see Q 138 to Q 180) and NMHPA, as well as how these protections and rights apply to life changes and health benefits.