NMIDNational Meetings Industry Day (Canada)
NMIDNational Maritime Information Database (Canada)
NMIDNational Maritime Intelligence Database
NMIDNew Mexico Interior Designers (Albuquerque, NM)
NMIDNetwork Management Inventory Database (Cacti Plugin)
NMIDNon-Methylene-Interrupted Diene (food chemistry)
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However, according to the available data, a clear involvement of NMID in thermal adaptation in marine invertebrates cannot be established because either an increase of these fatty acids with cold (Pernet et al.
The 2 NMIDs 20:2[DELTA]5,11 and 20:2[DELTA]5,13 showed higher percentages in P.
Effluent-fed mussels also had a significantly larger proportion of MUFAs, zooplankton markers, and NMIDs than algae-fed mussels.