NMIHSNational Maternal and Infant Health Survey
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Balanced against these advantages, the NMIHS data provide less detail about sources of income and employment than other survey data that have been typically used for this research (e.
The NMIHS provides data on several health conditions and impairments that can be used in a condition-based definition of disability.
The NMIHS was conducted using a complex sampling design that oversampled for low BWT and black infants; therefore, in order to avoid biasing effects, the use of design effects adjusted models are appropriate.
In addition, the NMIHS data suggest that WIC participants are clearly in higher-risk categories than nonparticipants (since WIC is a means-tested program) but that for other than prenatal care (which may be one result to WIC participation), long-term WIC participants are in higher-risk categories than short-term WIC participants (see Table 3).
The NMIHS questioned a sample of women aged 15-49 who gave birth or experienced a late fetal death or infant death in 1988.
We used the NMIHS weights, which adjust for survey nonresponse and sampling design, to estimate the ages of fathers of all 3,898,922 live-born infants born in 1988 to women 15-49 years of age.
In the total 1988 NMIHS birth population, the overall estimated infant mortality rate was 10.
birth or death certificates, and estimates of the excess risk for death among infants born to women living in poverty can be derived primarily from special surveys such as the NMIHS (1,5).
The NMIHS sample weights are designed so that researchers can make inferences about the population of women with live births and fetal or infant deaths.
The NMIHS was a stratified, systematic survey of pregnant women in the 48 contiguous United States, begun in 1988, conducted to describe factors related to poor pregnancy outcomes.
The 1988 NMIHS surveyed the mother on average 17 months after the birth of her child, and the depressive symptoms measure refers to those experienced in the past week.