NMINNational Medical Information Network
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The Raferty and Lewis (1995) I-statistic is the ratio of the total number of draws needed to acheive a certain level of accuracy (Ntot) to the minimum number of draws that would be needed if the draws represented an i.i.d chain (Nmin).
Two points x and y are said to density-connected with respect to eps and Nmin if there exists a point z such that both x and y are density-reachable from z with respect to eps and Nmin.
Variables (1) [C.sub.MIN] [N.sub.MIN] NMIN 0.78 * MBC 0.84 * 0.91 * MBN 0.49 0.38 [C.sub.mic]:[C.sub.org] 0.82 * 0.84 * Organic C 0.78 * 0.87 * pH 0.55 0.67 * Al saturation -0.50 -0.55 Ca 0.73 * 0.56 Mg 0.57 0.67 * Base saturation 0.6 0.65 P Available -0.22 -0.39 (1) pH: Ca[Cl.sub.2] 0.01M; Ca, Mg and Al: KCl M; Base saturation: Ca + Mg + K; P and K: Mehlich.
A cluster analysis was applied to the dataset (Table 2), using a Paired Group algorithm with the Simpson index for absence-presence data, which is defined as M/Nmin, where M is the number of the same species in two compared stations and Nmin is the number of species in the station with the smaller number of species.
and update the pheromone in the route through which the ant nmin passed according to
The Stream2 benchmark, run with NMIN = 3 and NMAX = 2,000,000, was used to observe the thermal behavior of the memory chips and supporting systems under load.
The average amount of Nmin per 1% SOM for all of these studies is 33 kg N [ha.sup.-1] (29 lb N [ac.sup.-1]) (Table 1), which indicates that Soltanpour's value is a "reasonable" rule of thumb.
.4958 Hp*1-2 .54717 [+ o -] .00834 Hp*2-2 Nmax = 2 185, Nmin = 53; E.E., error estandar; H.W., equilibrio de Hardy-Weinberg; He, heterocigosidad esperada; (**) [ji al cuadrado] = 13.447, g.l.
nMin Patel will preview the first Test between England and Zimbabwe in the Racing Post on Thursday - provided the ECB does not prevent him offering his opinions.
fx(z) [arrow left] MIR (fx(z), fxmin, fxmax) (4.1) fy(z) [arrow left] MIR (fy(z), fymin, fymax) (4.2) [n.sub.i,j + 1] [arrow left] MIR ([n.sub.i,j + 1,] Nmin, Nmax) (4.3) [Y.sub.i,j + 1] [arrow left] MIR ([Y.sub.i,j + 1,] [UPSILON]min, [UPSILON]max) (4.4) where fxmin, fxmax are the limits of the stochastic value that is added to the abscissae; fymin, fymax are the limits of the stochastic value that is added to the ordinates; Nmin, Nmax are the minimum and maximum numbers of samples per segment; and [UPSILON]min, [UPSILON]max are the minimum and maximum values of the ordinates.