NMIONational Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office
NMIONon-Morse Intercept Operator (US Air Force)
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But the analysis in ONI is the same analysis that informs the NMIO piece.
Q: NMIO and ONI are separate organizations with one leader.
A: The synergies are that I'm dualhatted, I'm the commander of ONI and the director of NMIO and the initial savings is that I have one instead of two aides.
In general, ONI is very much focused on the warfighting requirements of the United States Navy, and NMIO is focused on, I would characterize it as, more on the security of the United States and our allies with a very strong homeland security flavor.
Q: Regarding NMIO and the Global Maritime Community of Interest, can you please describe the community's stakeholders and recent successes?
NMIO's task is to facilitate collaboration and information sharing.
In the past, before NMIO was stood up, all these different smaller maritime organizations were pretty much on their own in trying to get national-level intelligence support.
There is a lot of work that has taken place in getting NMIO up and running and off the ground.
The end state, if I can be very blunt, is for NMIO to do everything we possibly can to ensure that there is never a 9/11 that originates from the maritime environment.