NMISNational Meat Inspection Service
NMISNuclear Materials Identification System
NMISNational Management Information System
NMISNetwork Management Information System
NMISNutrition Management Information System
NMISNavy Mobile Instrumentation System
NMISNuclear Materials Inventory System
NMISNavy Manpower Information System
NMISNetwork Medical Information Services
NMISNational Mental Illness Screening
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The NMIS, an attached agency of the Department of Agriculture, said the figures did not include fresh, chilled chicken and mechanically deboned meat, as well as those already in distribution channels.
The director of NMIS, Mr Nair, said Sonia had been working at the school for six months.
This is in line with the program of President Rodrigo Duterte for a safe and affordable food for every Filipino," said Regional Director Kennedy Sunico of NMIS Caraga in an interview over DA Caraga's radio program "Bahandi sa Kaumahan" said.
Data from the NMIS also indicated that the January chicken inventory rose by almost 4 percent to 17,242.
According to the Scottish Government, NMIS could attract up to 1,000 new jobs to the area within three to five years of becoming operational.
Data from the NMIS showed that the latest chicken inventory was lower compared to the levels recorded last month and the previous week.
Any animal, whether chicken or pig, that drowned in the flooding is no longer safe (for eating)," NMIS Executive Director Minda Manantan said in Filipino on the sidelines of the "Meat Safety Consciousness Week" and NMIS 43rd anniversary celebration on Thursday.
According to Fantone, the meat sample taken last week from the restaurant was not sufficient for the NMIS examination.
The remaining volume consisted of locally produced chicken, according to NMIS data.
Mita takes issue in that the NMIS considers imported frozen pork as unsafe and believes that imported meat spoils faster than meat from freshly slaughtered animals from local farms.
Gonzales announced on Tuesday that the agency would implement an electronic payment system (EPS), which would allow the NMIS to shift to online banking.
The department earlier recognized the important role of the NMIS in ensuring the safety of meat products and also in safeguarding the trade of livestock products.