NMJNeuromuscular Junction
NMJNorthern Masonic Jurisdiction (Illinois)
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NMJNew Media Journalism
NMJNihonkai Mathematical Journal (Japan)
NMJNagoya Medical Journal (Japan)
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4) It is reported that both resistance training and endurance training are allied to a significant increase in the number of the presynaptic and postsynaptic components of the NMJ.
sup][11] The interaction seems to promote the binding of agrin to the surface of muscle cells, and hence increase the potency of agrin in inducing AChRs clustering, which is an important event in NMJ development.
Our results are therefore in agreement with previous studies and further corroborate that phenytoin has a significant inhibitory effect on NMJ functions.
As all of the gross physiological components to perform the corkscrew-roll appear to be in place in first- and second-instar animals, we speculate that maturation of the NMJ may be required for the corkscrew-roll nocifensive response in the third-instar larvae.
The development of CMS animal models as a complementary approach to investigate the mechanisms for endplate degeneration in the aforementioned syndrome has confirmed the value of transgenic animal models in studying NMJ disorders.
C & D Technologies extends its NMJ series of low power DC/DC converters to include eight single output models.
She was driving a pale blue Vauxhall Frontera with the registration number P81 NMJ.
Herein, we report one patient with SMA Type III manifesting an atrial septal defect (ASD), NMJ defect, short stature, and thick toes.