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Seeking to accomplish its mission by building a culture that values and promotes excellence, effectiveness, responsiveness, access and community involvement, NMJC is led by Dr.
The NMJC book [had a strong influence] because I had no idea, well I knew because I have gone through middle school, but I didn't know like all middle schoolers go through some type of things that went on in NMJC, like the physical appearance, the whole sexual maturity thing, all that.
Each of the influences, that is field experience, class discussions, reading NMJC, and watching Thirteen (2003), seemed to make the reality of the young adolescent become clearer for the preservice teachers.
Professionalism is a recurring theme in the NMJC program and contributes a great deal to the program's success--a success that has not gone unnoticed in the industry.
The NMJC GM program was the runner up for the 1999 Automotive Award of Excellence, so both Whicker and Toglia have firsthand knowledge about what goes into a successful automotive technician training program, and like Whicker, Toglia credits the association with GM and Ford as a vital component.
John Gratton, vice president for instruction at NMJC, said state colleges and universities had been prohibited from working with students who had not reached their 16th birthday, or had not completed their sophomore year in high school.
John and Jessica and their parents, John and Amanda McGraw of Hobbs, came to NMJC two years ago with a goal of taking several college classes, Gratton said.
Students can also take courses to obtain an associate's degree in applied science at NMJC, and can seek a bachelor's degree in environmental management at College of the Southwest.
NMJC has worked with the Energy Department's Carlsbad Field Office and Westinghouse TRU Solutions, the management and operations contractor at the WIPP site.