NMJGSANational Minority Junior Golf Scholarship Association
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Her goal is to emphasize that NMJGSA is not a golf organization but rather an organization that uses golf to build and develop today's youth.
We have discovered over the years that students who receive scholarships from NMJGSA are extremely successful.
Kimberly Diana Reed Brown, an NMJGSA scholarship recipient, will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University this year She will also be joining the US.
Since the NMJGSA depends heavily on private sponsors, it's important that the generous donations keep coming.
Though the proceeds of this year's East/West Golf Classic have not yet been given out, NMJGSA traditionally gives $200,000 annually to students "This year, the 22nd Annual East/West Golf Classic was not only a competition between amateur golfers east and west of the Mississippi River, but it was also an awesome opportunity to meet some impressive minority scholarship recipients and alumni," Gordon says, referring to Willie Toney, head pro at Oakland, California's Metropolitan Golf Links and one of the association's first scholarship recipients.
During her sophomore year, she met Bill Dickey, president and founder of the NMJGSA.
Merchant says the organization also will make the NMJGSA a priority.
For the second consecutive year, the NMJGSA is one of the causes for which the B.
Among the future goals for the NMJGSA are, to continue fund-raising efforts for scholarships and grants; the continued support of a junior golf development program that provides assistance to junior golf programs, golf clubs and associations demonstrating a commitment to minority youths; and golf-related student intern programs across the country.
Over that time, the NMJGSA has built up a database of over 8,000 minority golfers to help schools and players hook up, and also to boost minority employment in the rapidly growing golf industry.