NMLCNaval Medical Logistics Command (US Navy)
NMLCNational Marine Life Center, Inc.
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The NMLC Program Management Office (PMO) is responsible for the acquisition of medical device information technology for Naval Medical Treatment Facilities.
Several projects of the NMLC illustrate the financial and cultural complexities of completing easements where land development pressure is severe.
The NMLC was selected to hold the first four purchased conservation easements.
He said neither the NMLC nor the SPLA-N command has the right to exclude the rest of the Movement's organs.
Last March, the NMLC supported al-Hilu's demand for self-determination and decided to sack Yasir Arman from his positions as secretary-general and chief negotiator of the rebel group.
In a statement extended to Sudan Tribune Tuesday, the BNLC rejected the NMLC decision to sack Agar, Arman and the commander of the 2nd infantry front, Maj.
On Saturday, a letter bearing the stamp of the NMLC and signature of its chairman Omer Rambawi and was widely circulated on the social media said the latter has sacked Mukawr and appointed Brigadier General Jacob Carlo Trelli as new Chief of General Staff of the SPLA-N.
Further, he underscored that the decisions of the NMLC were signed by a colonel who joined the SPLA-N in 2012 who dismissed the chairman and the secretary-general, both have the rank of Lieutenant General.
Also, SPLM-N spokesperson for peace talks Mubarak Ardol released a statement where he accused al-Hilu of plotting take power adding that the NMLC decisions have no value and that the new leader is not a factor of unity within the SPLM-N nor in the Nuba Mountains.
Agar and Arman sought to contain the move and held a series of meeting with the NMLC and the military command of the group led by the SPLA-N Chief of Staff Jacod Mekouar.
He said the leadership council claimed the NMLC is an illegitimate body because its decisions and recommendations have contradicted with the interests of some parties, stressing the council represents the people of the Nuba Mountain and that is "the greatest source of legitimacy".
The NMLC faction "is less experienced in the negotiating affairs than the SPLM-N negotiating delegation because the African Union Peace and Security Council determined the basis of negotiations and put the unity of Sudan as the first item," he said.