NMLPWNational Medical Laboratory Professionals Week
NMLPWNegative Movement of Lateral Pharyngeal Walls (otolarygology)
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Laboratorians might grumble but rarely correct doctors and nurses when they simply call for "the lab" or "lab tech." The planners of NMLPW had the insight to finally add "professional" to the title, indicating that we are celebrating individuals, not a room in a building.
But during NMLPW, OLOL lab's festive, creative, and competitive "Poster Contest" is held.
NMLPW is a time to recognize and celebrate the significant contributions of approximately 300,000 medical-laboratory professionals and 15,000 board-certified pathologists who play a vital role in every aspect of healthcare.
Karon, MD, PhD: "Each year as we celebrate NMLPW, I struggle to find new ways to express my personal appreciation for all that laboratory technologists, technicians, and phlebotomists do for our laboratories and patients.
Reflect on that, especially as we celebrate NMLPW."
There are usually three aspects to cover during NMLPW: recognition, education, and celebration.
Visit www.ascls.org/about/national.asp for ASCLS's downloadable flyers, videos, presentations, and NMLPW store.
Since it is a long time between each year's NMLPW in April, our laboratory also celebrates "Mini Lab Week" in October offering the same types of activities as those in April.
Plan at least one NMLPW activity that will take you beyond your facility's walls, as the ASCLS-NJ colleagues did last April by holding up a NMLPW banner in New York City's Rockefeller Plaza for the "Today Show." Do one thing to demonstrate your pride this profession, too.
Develop a proposal to the public-relations (PR) department to help sponsor this NMLPW project.
The first step would be to place NMLPW posters throughout the facility--cafeterias, drawing stations, and the front entrance.
Whether you are in a one-person or a 100-person laboratory, find a way to implement a recognition opportunity during NMLPW. Offer the staff recognition suggestions--such as the wonderful recommendations presented here by some experts in the laboratory field--and have the staff vote for what will be most gratifying to them.