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Gall, 2012: Scientific documentation of the NCEP nonhydrostatic multiscale model on the B grid (NMMB).
(3) The native model grid differs slightly among the HREF members (e.g., WRF-ARW vs NMMB members), but all members are interpolated to a common 3-km grid by NCEP before data dissemination and post-processing.
HRW NSSL WRF-ARW N HRWARW WRF-ARW N HRW NMMB NMMB N NAM Nest NMMB N HRW NSSL-12 h WRF-ARW Y (-12 h) HRWARW-12 h WRF-ARW Y (-12 h) HRW NMMB-12 h NMMB Y (-12 h) NAM Nest-12 h NMMB Y (-12 h) Initial/boundary Member conditions Microphysics PBL HRW NSSL NAM/NAM-6 h WSM6 MYJ HRWARW RAP/GFS-6 h WSM6 YSU HRW NMMB RAP/GFS-6 h Ferrier-Aligo MYJ NAM Nest NAM/NAM Ferrier-Aligo MYJ HRW NSSL-12 h NAM/NAM-6 h WSM6 MYJ HRWARW-12 h RAP/GFS-6 h WSM6 YSU HRW NMMB-12 h RAP/GFS-6 h Ferrier-Aligo MYJ NAM Nest-12 h NAM/NAM Ferrier-Aligo MYJ
5) caps-nmmb (CAPS)--Five NMMB members had the same ICs/LBCs as five of the s-phys-rad members but did not use ARPS-3DVAR (i.e., a "cold start" was used).
7) nssl-nmmb (NSSL)--Five NMMB members were configured the same as the caps-nmmb members, except they shared a different set of the s-phys-rad ICs/LBCs.
1) ARW versus NMMB--A direct comparison of the subjective and objective skill of ARW and NMMB dynamic cores was conducted.
The first ensemble used five ARW and five NMMB members from the s-phys-norad and nssl-nmmb subsets, respectively; the second used the 10 ARW members from the s-phys-norad subset; and the third used 10 NMMB members from the caps-nmmb and nssl-nmmb subsets.
8) Ensemble size experiment--A comparison of ensembles with equal contributions of NMMB and ARW members using 2,4, 6,10, and 20 members was conducted to examine the impact of ensemble size.
Objective verification of four ensemble subsets was conducted for severe weather occurrence, which included 1) NMMB, a 10-member, single-physics NMMB ensemble with perturbed ICs/LBCs; 2) ARW, a 10-member, single-physics ARW ensemble with the same perturbed ICs/LBC as NMMB; 3) [MIX.sub.10-mem], a combination of five of the NMMB and ARW members; and 4) [MIX.sub.20-mem], a combination of all 10 NMMB and ARW members.
In this dataset, the NMMB tended to have slightly higher UH than ARW (e.g., at p = 0.99, the UH values in NMMB and ARW were 152 and 141 [m.sup.2] [s.sup.-], respectively).
For AUC and FSS, the [MIXED.sub.10-mem] and [MIXED.sub.20-mem] have slightly higher maximum scores than ARW and NMMB, which are very similar to each other.
One example (simplified here for conciseness) is the operational NAM suite, composed of the following workflow components: preprocessor, GSI data assimilation, NMMB model, and the Unified Post Processor (UPP).