NMMLNational Marine Mammal Laboratory
NMMLNew Mexico Municipal League (nonprofit)
NMMLNorth Metro Miracle League (Woodstock, GA)
NMMLNo Mercy Madden League (football video game)
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1999) or the Gulf of Alaska, the Aleutian Islands and the Bering Sea (N = 154 whales; Dahlheim 1997, NMML unpub.
The lack of transparency in the NMML is apparent from the fact that the director, Dr Mukherjee, is currently away for three months and the place is actually being run by a hired consultant.
NMML, CID Papers, instalment 3, Fl, copy of cyclostyled handbill distributed among the public (the original typography--e.
See speech by Moonje to South Kanara Hindu District Conference, Udipi, 3-4 June 1944, in NMML, Hindu Mahasabha Papers C-48.
Singh, who is the vice-president of the NMML Society, in his address said, "The planned museum for the former prime ministers will be showcased by the NMML society as an iconic one and will utilise 3D technology to offer a virtual reality experience.
Inquiries revealed that the ministry had ordered an audit after several unsatisfactory reports about the modernisation project were received from NMML.
The delegates amended the NMML municipal policy to add new language specifying that: "The municipal perspective should be well represented at the Congressional level whenever the reauthorizations of environmental mandates, affecting local governments, are being considered.
The decision was taken and approved allegedly by the executive council of NMML headed by Karan Singh.
Tuteja, a senior fellow at NMML, were some of the participants at the discussion.
Otoliths, beaks, and diagnostic bones were identified by using an extensive reference collection at the NMML and voucher samples verified by Pacific Identifications (Victoria, British Columbia).
NMML researchers identified bone remains to either family or species level by using morphological characteristics of skeletal remains (Orr et al.