NMMON-Methyl Morpholine Oxide
NMMONa Minha Modesta Opiniao (Portuguese: In My Humble Opinion)
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By using supercritical drying method and the NMMO solvent, the aerocelluloses prepared from microcrystalline cellulose could achieve a higher specific surface area (400 [m.sup.2]/g) [15].
The values have the same order of magnitude as those for cellulose dissolved in NMMO (24-26).
Activation energies for celluloses dissolved in NMMO and BmimCI.
The activation energy is 65.28 kJ/mol at the concentration of 10 wt%, which is similar to the value for cellulose dissolved in NMMO.
The present article shows the effect of cellulose concentration in NMMO * [H.sub.2]O solution on prediction of the MW and MWD of cellulose using the theology-based method, and the calculation of the PDI of cellulose pulps.
N-methlymorpholine-N-oxide (NMMO) aqueous solution from BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany) had an initial water content of 50% (wt).
A mixture of cellulose pulp in 87% NMMO [H.sub.2]O (wt) was placed in a dissolving tank maintained at 100[degrees]C and stirred continually.
Figure 1a-c show G' and G" master curves of the pulp 1 at different cellulose concentrations in NMMO * [H.sub.2]O solutions according to the time-temperature superposition theory (11).
Cellulose nanofibers from the deacetylation of CA nanofibers (12) or from direct electrospinning cellulose/DMAc-LiCI (21) or cellulose/ NMMO (22) often exhibit broad fiber size distribution and beads defect when average fiber diameter is down to 500 nm.
Lyocell fiber is a type of regenerated cellulose fiber via the N-methlymorpholine-N-oxide (NMMO)-route comprising the cellulose directly dissolved in the NMMO-monohydrate, the dry jet-wet spinning process, the precipitation from the coagulation bath, and the drying stage.
NMMO aqueous solution, purchased from BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany), with water content of 26% (w/w), the cellulose pulp and n-propyl gallate (antioxidant) were put into a dissolving tank and mixed together.