NMMSNew Mexico Medical Society (Albuquerque, NM)
NMMSNew Mexico Mycological Society (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
NMMSNorth Marshall Middle School (Calvert City, KY)
NMMSNew Mark Middle School (Kansas City, MO)
NMMSNorth Malaysia Malayali Samajam
NMMSNorthern Michigan Music Scene
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In this paper, we numerically analyze the nonlinear optical response of fishnet NMMs exhibiting negative refractive index.
[alpha]([omega]) is the linear absorption of the fishnet NMMs, and [alpha] = 2[pi] x Im([n.sub.eff]) x [[omega]/c] where [n.sub.eff] = [square root of [[epsilon].sub.eff]] is the effective linear refractive index and Im(*) means imaginary parts.
First to describe the linear optical properties of the fishnet NMMs, we choose linear absorption as a representative.
Then we consider the fishnet NMMs' nonlinear enhancement properties for both the two cases, as is discussed in Section 2.
Nevertheless, due to adjustment costs, employment tends to lag output; the peak in unemployment being at years 5 and 4 in the AWM and NMMs respectively.
The NMMs, by contrast, reflect a number of different modelling approaches (i.e.
(9) Corresponding figures are unavailable for the NMMs.
For instance, the peak effects on output from the monetary shock in this paper are -0.4 (NMMs), -0.5 (NiGEM) and -0.7 (AWM), whereas those in Clark et al.(2001) range from -0.4 to -0.8.
According to the concepts of topological manifold and differentiable manifold and based on the discontinuous dynamics of DDA block systems, the numerical manifold method (NMM) adopts the finite cover technique to set up a unified calculation form for the finite element method, the DDA, and the analytical method [1].
NMM based on finite cover can solve the above problems effectively The local cover function corresponding to the node displacement of the finite element is no longer relevant to the nodes.
Basic Concept of NMM. NMM consists of block dynamics, simplex integration, and a finite cover system.