NMNHNational Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC; also New Delhi, India; also seen as NMNHI)
NMNHNoise-Masked Normal-Hearing
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Set to formally open on May 18, International Museum Day, the NMNH completes the troika of repurposed heritage government buildings around Agrifina Circle.
That pouch was detached from the quiver set some time after 1893 but is still at the NMNH and is illustrated here as Figure 8 (below).
Despite Betty's reserved life style, from her office on the third-floor of the NMNH in Washington DC she shook the foundations of anthropology with propositions that created more critics than followers, which sometimes subjected her to a rather unfriendly academic environment.
3) Vouchers or literature references supporting these ranges are as follows: (a) UMMZ as given by Frest (1987); (b) Skadsen (1998); (c) Frest (1987); (d) NMNH--specimen given in Frest (1987); (e) Scammon (1906); (f) NMNH as given by Frest (1987); (g) Frest (1987); (h) Scammon (Murray and Leonard, 1962); (i) UMMZ Nos.
Cluff, 2401 msnm, bosque de pino, (USNM-99665, NMNH database).
1) Arctic Studies Center, Smithsonian Institution, PO Box 37012, NMNH MRC-112, Washington, D.
I am grateful to Bobby Gonzales, who allowed me to share my thoughts on the Caddo visit to the NMNH.
7; one outlying specimen, NMNH 198226, from Johnston Island had 262) and 123-144 total vertebrae (mode = 126; mean = 132.
The NMNH and the NMAI are separate museums that independently administer their own repatriation programs.
Static models of human figures have been a feature of NMNH displays since 1877, possibly as early as 1873.
We thank the curators at AMNH, FMNH, USNM, BM(NH), and NMNH for access to their museum collections.