NMNWNational Museum of Namibia, Windhoek (Windhoek, Namibia)
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Paratypes: 3 [male] 2 [female] same data as holotype (1 [male] 1 [female] NMNW, 1 [male] 1 [female] ZMHB, 1 [male] NMSA).
2012 (AAM-007361-AAM-007364, NMNW, USNM); 1[male] Namib-Skeleton Coast National Park, Sesriem, Elim Dune, 24[degrees]27'35"S 15[degrees]46'21"E, 839 m, vegetated dune, resting on dead vegetation + sand, 10.
Remarks: The geographic co-ordinates for the Diaz Point Beach specimen in NMNW are given as 26[degrees]37'S 15[degrees]05'E on the label, but this less-accurate position falls in the Atlantic Ocean north of the actual Diaz Point Beach.