NMNWNational Museum of Namibia, Windhoek (Windhoek, Namibia)
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Paratypes: 1[male] 2 juv., same data as holotype (SMN 22104) (NMNW).
Griffin (SMN 21909) (NMNW); 1[male] same data but 12.ii-16.iii.1987 (SMN 21848) (NMNW); 1[male] Kunene district, road to Ondundu Mountains [19[degrees]32'S 15[degrees]27'E, 1271 m], 12.ii-17.iii.1987, E.
Material examined: NAMIBIA: 1[male] 1[female] Keetmanshoop district, Noachabeb 91 [27[degrees]26'00"S 18[degrees]31'15"E, 1477 m], 7-12.i.1972 (SMN 21671) (NMNW); 1[male] Windhoek, Nauchas 14 [23[degrees]39'02"S 16[degrees]17'42"E, 1764 m], 27-30.iii.1995, E.
Other material examined: NAMIBIA: 1S 'Plateau', Aar, Luderitz [26[degrees]42'S 15[degrees]16'E], 15-18.i.1972 (NMSA 19707); 1[male] 1[female] Fish River Canyon [26[degrees]50'S 17[degrees]17'E], 14-15.i.1972 (SMN 22138) (NMNW).
Paratypes: 3 [male] 2 [female] same data as holotype (1 [male] 1 [female] NMNW, 1 [male] 1 [female] ZMHB, 1 [male] NMSA).
Irish, Malaise trap (1[female] MNRJ, 1[female] DZUP, other NMNW).
Irwin, Malaise trap in riparian vegetation (1[female] MNRJ, 1[female] DZUP, other NMNW).
Hardap: 1[female] Sesriem 137, 24[degrees]29'00"S 15[degrees]48'00"E, 5-8.iv.1972 (AAM-003056, NMNW); 2[male] 2[female] Namib-Skeleton Coast National Park, Sesriem, Elim Dune, 24[degrees]27'28"S 15[degrees]46'37"E, 826 m, vegetated dune, resting on dead vegetation + sand, T.
Other material examined: NAMIBIA: Karas: 1[male] Khoichab Pan, 26[degrees]17'58"S 15[degrees]32'51"E, 20.i.1966 (AAM-003016, NMNW); 1[male] Diaz Point Beach, 26[degrees]38'06"S 15[degrees]05'27"E, pitfall trap, 13-26.xi.1993, E.
Marais, pitfall trap (all in alcohol, NMNW); 1 [female] Tsumkwe District, Nama, 19[degrees]54.34'S:20[degrees]44.08'E, 2022.xii.1998, A.H.
Paratypes: 2 [male] 10 [female] same data (NMNW); 1 [male] 2 [female] same data (NMSA); 1 [female] Brandberg, Hungarob R., 1200 m, 21[degrees]13'05"S:14[degrees] 31'01"E, light trap, 9.xi.1998, A.H.
Marais, Malaise traps (NMNW); 1 [male] 1 [female] same data (BMNH); 1 [male] 1 [female] same data (NMSA); 2 [male] 4 [female] same data (NMWC); 1 [male] 1 [female] same data (TAU); 3 [male] 16 [female] Brandberg, Messum Valley, 700 m, 21[degrees]13'29"S:14[degrees] 30'98"E, Malaise trap, bushy Karoo-Namib shrubland, 5-17.iv.1999, S.