NMOGNon-Methane Organic Gas(es)
NMOGNorwegian Meeting in Organic Geochemistry
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(2.)higher temporary NMOG (non methane organic gas), CO and HCHO (formaldehyde) values apply to HLDTs and expire after 2008;
While the four sets of emissions standards cover CO, NOx, HCs, and PM, the increasingly tighter emissions standards each manufacturer must meet are based upon the total vehicle fleet's average non-methane organic gas ("NMOG," which is a subset of HC emissions) emissions.
Tier 3, Jackson explains, is about the reduction of "criteria pollutants," the precursors to ozone, such as NOx and non-methane organic gas (NMOG), as it the aldehydes, ketone, and alcohols in the exhaust stream.
It would be similar to CARB's so-called NMOG (hydrocarbon emissions) curve, in which automakers would ensure their fleets meet an ever-stricter fleet emissions level.
The precursors include the hydrocarbons present in gasoline (currently termed "non-methane organic gases," NMOG, in the regulations), as well as nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, which are regulated as criteria pollutants in their own right.
But what they did at MAHLE was to take their existing analyzers that were setup for ULEV levels (which would be on the order of 0.125 g/mile of NMOG + NOx @ 120,000 miles), tested and updated them, made sure that there were clean gases, and separated the collection bags so that there were those that are clean and those dirty.