NMOGNon-Methane Organic Gas(es)
NMOGNorwegian Meeting in Organic Geochemistry
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NMOG, which is the mass emissions of non-methane hydrocarbons and oxygenated hydrocarbons, is calculated from the measurements of THC and [CH.
Then NMOG is calculated from the mass of NMHC as follows:
Another objective of the test was to demonstrate the destruction of CO and NMOG without reforming NOx.
It is important to note that NMHC is plotted here, since NMOG can only be represented as a mass.
The second stage system was effective in reducing CO and NMOG, without reforming NOx, with a temperature setpoint of 375 [degrees]F.
Test results of the full-size prototype second stage catalysts A & B showed improved NMOG removal efficiency from the benchmark.
higher temporary NMOG (non methane organic gas), CO and HCHO (formaldehyde) values apply to HLDTs and expire after 2008;
Date Vehicle type Emission CO g/mile NMOG g/mile category 50K/100K miles 50K/100K miles See above PC/LDT[greater than or Tler 1 3.
Vehicle Miles Emission CO g/mile NMOG g/mile Formaldehyde Date type Category mg/mile 2004- PC/LT 50,000 LEV 3.
Vehicle type Category NMOG g/mile CO g/mile NOx g/mile PM g/mile 50/120K 50/120K 50/120K 50/120K MDV4 Tier 1 0.
California Emission Standards for Medium- Duty Vehicles@120K Miles Vehicle type Category NMOG g/mile CO g/mile NOx g/mile PM g/mile MDV LEV 0.
That's 10 mg/mile of NMOG and 20 mg/mile of NOx, for a total of 30 (which explains the new nomenclature, Tier 3, Bin 30).