NMOLNumerical Method of Lines (differential equations)
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Within 48 hours, the cultures showed DNA damage and induction of apoptosis when exposed to 1 nmol of insulin, but researchers said pre-treatment with metformin prevented these effects.
Total number of sectors crossing significantly increased in ghrelin injected rats as compared to control group, while the injection of high dose of DLS (10 nmol) significantly decreased the locomotor activity as compared to saline received rats.
Rats (eight to ten per group) were then unilaterally injected with safranal (4.84, 9.68 and 24.2 [micro]mol), diazepam (90 nmol, positive control), flumazenil (5 nmol), naloxone (5.5 nmol) or vehicle (normal saline) in a total volume of 5 [micro]l during 1 min using an injection needle (32-gauge) inserted into the guide cannula connected through a polyethylene tube to a 25-[micro]l Hamilton syringe.
Terrestrial atmospheric [C.sub.2][H.sub.4] levels rarely exceed 10 nmol [mol.sup.-1] (Abeles et al., 1992).
However, at HH30 (6.25 days' incubation; Figure 2B), there was significantly reduced survival for embryos receiving 4 or 200 nmol TCE/egg.
The matrix effect was studied with 5 mitochondrial suspensions containing 1.6-12.2 nmol CoQ10/g wet weight.
Optimal transfections were achieved with 1 lag DNA complexed with 18 nmol 22 kDa polyethylenimine 4 days after brain injections.
To convert to molar units: PCB congeners 138 and 153, 1 [micro]g = 2.771 nmol; PCB congener 180, 1 [micro]g = 2.530 nmol.
Excess risks for tubular proteinuria were found for all the groups exceeding 7 nmol cadmium/L blood.
Adenine salvage rates in recovering muscle averaged 45 +/- 4, 49 +/- 5, and 30 +/- 3 nmol. h(-1).
Animals received a single intravenous (iv) dose of stable [sup.204]Pb tracer (5 [micro]g, 24.5 nmol) followed by a single oral dose of stable [sup.206]Pb tracer (72.6 [micro]g, 352 nmol) immediately before chelation, in order to specifically evaluate GI Pb absorption and whole-body Pb retention with treatment.